Who we are

A creative studio in production, 3D animation
and VFX for films and advertisement.
Thanks to our wide-ranged skills and our years of experience,
we carry your ideas from the script to the screen.

What we do


3D Animation  |  Commercials  |  Game cinematics |  Character development  |  Lookdev  |  VFX

Thibaut Vuillin

Owner / Director / Lighting & Compositing Artist

Thibaut Vuillin is a French director, lighting and compositing artist. He started off his career working for companies doing vfx on a wide range of projects as well as working behind the camera. Because he is passionate about his job, he decided to teach for a year in an animation school to share his knowledge and inspire the next generation.
Then, after 10 years of experience he founded and became the CEO of Stim Studio, an animation and visual effects company working in the cinema and entertainment industry.

Félix Ferrand

Owner / Creative & Technical Director / Facial Model and Shapes Artist

Félix Ferrand is a creative and technical director known for his work on the movies' characters Despicable me, Venom, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Avenger Civil War among many others.
After years of work in prestigious studios around the world he decided to put his talent into Stim Studio as an artist but also an associate.

Jordan Soler

Owner / Creative and Technical director / Lookdev and Groom supervisor

Jordan Soler is a Senior Lookdev and Groomer in the VFX industry. He has been working at different companies such as Illumination Macguff, MPC, Animal Logic, Method Studios, and Image Engine.
From Despicable me to Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them 2, Peter Rabbit to Aquaman, and many more.

Our past experience as artists before Stim Studio

film poster Mulan 2022
Poster Venom Film
Poster Justice League Film
Poster Avengers Infinity War Film
Poster Despicable Me 3
Poster Aquaman Film