Who we are

A creative studio in production, 3D animation
and VFX for films and advertisement.
Thanks to our wide-ranged skills and our years of experience,
we carry your ideas from the script to the screen.

What we do


3D Animation  |  Commercials  |  Game cinematics |  Character development  |  Lookdev  |  VFX

Thibaut Vuillin

Owner / Director / Lighting & Lookdev Artist

Thibaut is a director, lookdev and lighting artist. He started off his career by co-founding his first company, North Mind Company. Then, after 10 years of experience he decided to create is second company Stim Studio, to share his vision and offer his skills and knowledge for the stories.

Félix Ferrand

Owner / Creative & Technical Director / Facial Model and Shapes Artist

Félix Ferrand is a creative and technical director known for his work on the movies' characters Despicable me, Venom, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Avenger Civil War among many others.
After years of work in prestigious studios around the world he decided to put his talent into Stim Studio as an artist but also an associate.