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Benoit Gielly

For this week’s highlight, we’re delighted to present the latest addition to our team, Benoit Gielly. Benoit recently joined Stim Studio and is sharing today his experience as pipeline supervisor.

Benoit has attended the Artfx school in Montpellier where he fell in love with character rigging.

Benoit, like many other, used to love playing video games as a kid and was fascinated by the cinematics. Early on, he got his first computer and started diving into computer science. During his third year he was in charge with the rigging part of the different animation projects. He really enjoying all the technical aspects of this job.

“In my year, we were only two in charge of creating animation rigs. At the time, it was a perfect fit for me. I’ve always been good in math. Rigging is not artistic, it’s a very technical but essential aspect of animation. It’s all about solving problems and finding solutions.”

Benoit spent that year learning by himself and developing his skills by working on different animation projects for his fellow students who were making their graduation animated short films.

Benoit Gielly

After graduating, in 2013, Benoit was approached by the studio The Mill in London where he was hired. There, he had the opportunity to actually meet his mentor in rigging who taught him a lot. While Benoit enjoyed his experience at The Mill, after three years he decided to move towards new horizons and joined Dneg where he worked for four incredible years.

“Over the years, I moved away from rigging and focused instead on coding and on the pipeline. Thanks to rigging, I was already very familiar with creating scripts to automate the workflow. I started to develop tools and scripts for the artists in the company. And I realized that it was actually what I wanted to do.”

Benoit met Félix and Jordan in the course of his career and they all became very good friends. After many years in London, Benoit was ready to take up new challenges and joined Stim Studio in May 2022.

“I have been working in some of the biggest studios in both the animation industry and the advertisement industry. I know the requirements and challenges that come with studios with thousands of employees. I’m here to help Stim Studio scale and achieve its ambitions. I want to bring the best of what I’ve learnt in the big studios.”

While Benoit was always attracted by the technicality of his job rather than the nature of the projects he worked on, he found something more at Stim Studio.

“What I really appreciate is that I have the freedom to experiment and develop my vision. They trust me. I have carte blanche! I’m very excited to be part of this adventure!”

Ten years ago, rigging was quite a little-known field. Today still, there aren’t so many training programs to learn this profession.

“With this job, you can’t just look for tutorials on the Internet to find THE solution. You have to be curious enough to research and learn by yourself. The one piece of advice I would give to an aspiring pipeline TD, is to try to fail. It might sound provocative, but what I mean is that if you “fail”, you will be able to learn from your mistakes and to really understand what works and what doesn’t. You will be able to keep on getting better at your job. Don’t be afraid to fail!”