Witches Trailer

8 months ago, FĂ©lix ferrand and Thibaut Vuillin decided to produce and direct their own animated short films.
Then, former students who wanted to create their “graduation” short film, formed the Cpasdec student association and joined us to take part in our project.

To do so, Felix and Thibaut reached out to their contacts in the industry to find partners and teachers all around the world to help us and train those students. Our first partner was Foundry who gave us the opportunity to use and train them on softwares like Katana, Nuke and Mari. The projects are now fully rendered inside Katana using the Redshift render engine. We also partnered with the Pillon sound studio who joined the adventure and helped us on the voice and sound effect part.

We are proud to show you our first non lucrative short film trailer project: Witches.